High Power Rechargeable Electric taser and torch HYY-1108

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1. adopt High frequency oscillation circuit to improve output current.The large capacity dc discharge, the output energy is above 5 times than the original pulse type electronic riot.
2. Heavy Duty ultra bright LED flash light, AAaaaaacirculation charging and the battery durability is high.
3. Aluminum alloy shell and popular design with belt clip.
4. Our circuit is sealed in a small epoxy tube, effectively avoiding the damp, shocking.
5. Our circuit can be adapted as your requirement.
6. This product can be an ideal present for relatives.


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riple Stun Technology (TST) uses 2 electrical arc contact zones for an electrical storm
TST devices create the loudest and most electrifying spark compared to any other stun products available
8-million volts of electrical stopping power
Black metal probes hide contact points from sight
Ultra-bright 200 lumen light can have a temporary blinding effect on an attacker
Light has three functions; 100% power, 50% power and strobe
Military grade aluminum alloy body for true durability
Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
Safety switch and trigger buttons strategically located on opposite sides of the unit for fast action deployment
Recharge cord plugs into a standard wall outlet to save you money on batteries
Measures approx. 9.5″ long


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